Make your own liqueur!

Are you a lover of tasty drinks and have you always wanted to make your own Amsterdam likorette? Then read on. One of our partners, Petra de Koning of Liqueur Girls, is happy to tell you more about this! Just now that we can go outside as little as possible, it's great fun to try.

For years, Liquormeisjes has been making homemade likorette from fruit, water, sugar and alcohol as ingredients. Meanwhile, the range consists of several flavors, such as strawberry, licorice, ginger, cinnamon, Limoncello and cinnamon. In addition, the ratio is set in such a way that the alcohol percentage falls below 15%. And that suits us very well. In addition to the fact that we are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs with their own product in Amsterdam with Amsterdam in a Box, we are also not allowed to sell liqueur or other drinks above 15%.

Did you notice that there was liqueur instead of likorette? This is because with an alcohol percentage above 15% we are talking about liqueur and below 15% we are talking about likorette. This is of course very nice to know, but how can I as an Amsterdammer make my own liqueur? Well…

The whole process starts with alcohol. Put alcohol – gin or vodka – with a seasoning (for example strawberry, pineapple or vanilla) in a glass bottle or a so-called preserving jar. You then let it macerate for a while, or to put it simply: weeks. After a few weeks, strain the liquid (don't forget to squeeze as much juice from the fruit or herb as possible) and add sugar water.

Little tip from Liqueur Girls and specialist Petra de Koning: "The longer you leave it and the more fruit you add, the more flavor you create."

Example: Making Limoncello

Add 1 liter of vodka with 40% alcohol together with the zest of eight (organic) lemons in a glass bottle or preserving jar. Then leave it in a dark place for a few weeks. Heat 600 milliliters of tap water in a pan and dissolve 300 grams of granulated sugar in it. Then let the sugar water cool and add it to the strained vodka with lemon. The final result of this process is a delicious liqueur with an alcohol percentage of 25% (400 milliliters of alcohol to 1,600 milliliters of liqueur).


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