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After more than 5 years, we dare to say with certainty that we have the best Amsterdam Christmas gifts. And not only that. With our extensive experience and many local collaborations, we guarantee that everything is properly arranged. This way you can order from us with confidence and you can be sure that your colleagues and business relations will be super enthusiastic! 

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Amsterdam Christmas gift special 2022

Together with local entrepreneurs, we have been able to put together all kinds of Amsterdam Christmas gifts, including this action box. Many different products offered for a competitive rate!

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A Christmas package full of Amsterdam delicacies!
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Thank you! Amsterdam Christmas gift from Amsterdam in a Box you support the local Amsterdam businesses and social places.

Full of local
world flavors!

Christmas gifts especially for companies from Amsterdam

Do you also have to look for a Christmas gift every year that hopefully will be appreciated by colleagues? Or have you been getting the same Christmas gift for years that no one is looking forward to anymore? Or has someone decided to hand out gift vouchers from now on because it doesn't take that much work?

That is not nice to give and not nice to receive. That is why there is now Amsterdam in a Box. An original, valuable and very tasty Christmas gift full of local delicacies! Handing out Christmas gifts to colleagues and business associates is a real Dutch tradition in December and with our Christmas gifts you will not disappoint anyone. 

Order an Amsterdam in a Box for your colleagues at Christmas this year and we will be on your doorstep in December to deliver your very own Amsterdam in a Box.

Own logo on your Christmas gifts

Want to give a personal touch to this year's Christmas gifts? Which can!

We offer various options for personalizing your Christmas gifts. For example, think of the company logo on the Boxes or a personal message for your colleagues in the Box.

You will find our options on the product page. Do you have a great idea yourself? Then let us know! 

Amsterdam delicacies and specialties with a story

A well-known street scene around Christmas time. Some of the people who go out on the street with a large gift. The well-known Christmas gift.  

During the 19th century, for the first time, farmers gave away the Christmas hamper to workers in the weeks before Christmas. At the time it was mainly a package with a farmer's cheese, a large sausage and a bottle of red wine. Nowadays, as an employer, you can no longer get away with that. The original Christmas hampers were given to farmhands on Boxing Day. Then they all went back to their families and took such a package home. 

More and more companies started to do Christmas hampers in appreciation for the employees and even the army started to order Christmas hampers for their soldiers abroad. Those were not yet such luxurious Christmas hampers as they are now, of course, although you now also have less luxurious Christmas gifts than the Makro Christmas gifts or the Sligro Christmas gifts. 

Nowadays you have more and more original Christmas gifts and special Christmas gifts to choose from. You can order Christmas gifts remotely on websites such as this one where Christmas gifts are packed with love and care. Around 2010, the demand for traditional boxes started to decline and new concepts were introduced such as the theme package (Amsterdam in a Box was one of the first local concepts in the field of Christmas gifts) and gift vouchers. However, the Netherlands is a country of traditions and fortunately in recent years there has been an upward trend in the demand for traditional Christmas gifts in Amsterdam. In combination with the local character in the form of food and drinks, the Amsterdam in a Box is the perfect gift for this time!

With us you have a wide choice of different types of Christmas gifts, so there is something for all colleagues. Each Box has a local character and you can choose between luxury Boxes, simpler Boxes, Beer boxes, Christmas gifts without alcohol and much more.

Do not hesitate any longer and order the Amsterdam in a Box for next Christmas.

Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions


Of course that's possible! We like a personal approach and are therefore happy to offer this option. Please contact us and let us know what your ideal self-composed Christmas gift should look like. We will definitely figure it out!

Until when can I order Christmas packages from you?

You can order Christmas gifts until December 1st to receive it guaranteed before Christmas. Are you just too late? Please call us asap to find out if we can still do something.


Payment can be made in advance or in installments. Would you like to know what is possible for your order? Our colleagues are happy to think along with you.


It is certainly possible to pay the amount in installments. The possibilities for this depend on the total.


The Christmas hampers are generally delivered in weeks 50 and 51. Would you rather have the Christmas gifts delivered at a different time? Then that is probably not a problem.


Changing the delivery address for your Christmas gifts is possible up to days before the delivery time. If you want to change the address, please contact us as soon as possible.

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